Policy Renewal Evaluation

DocIT™ Overview

Drivers History’s flagship product, DocIT™ contains court-based traffic violation data with a level of detail that is often beyond what is available or shown on the state motor vehicle report (MVR). Because the data is collected at a point in the legal process far in advance of the eventual transcription to the formal MVR, DocIT™ reports violations weeks or months earlier than previously available. DocIT™ is available for use in the automobile insurance industry across the entire policy life cycle. Imagine having insight into 100% of your drivers’ records at a price that makes it both affordable and reasonable to use!

Use in Policy Renewal Evaluation

DocIT™ delivers an extremely cost-effective way for carriers to maximize surcharge opportunities across their entire book of existing policies.

Since ordering MVRs on 100% of policy renewals can be cost prohibitive, many carriers choose to employ various tools such as predictive modeling to selectively limit MVR use.  While predictive models may be an improvement over not ordering any MVRs, carriers who rely solely on modeling or algorithms still miss a material number of drivers who are surchargable. 

DocIT™ provides carriers with complete visibility into their renewal base to maximize surcharge opportunities.  With DocIT™, carriers can monitor drivers or review a book of business as often as desired.

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