Drivers History’s flagship product DocIT™ contains court-based traffic violation data with a level of detail that is often beyond what is available or shown on the state motor vehicle report (MVR). Because the data is collected at a point in the legal process far in advance of the eventual transcription to the formal MVR, DocIT™ reports violations weeks or months earlier than previously available. DocIT™ is available for use in the automobile insurance industry across the entire policy life cycle. Imagine having insight into 100% of your drivers’ records at a price that makes it both affordable and reasonable to use.

Helping automobile insurance carriers reduce MVR expenses while making more informed underwriting decisions.

DocIT™ makes available court-based violation information that is directly indicative of what is on the MVR, but at a cost that is much lower. Used as a pre-screen, auto insurance carriers save the expense of ordering an MVR on the drivers who have no activity. Because DocIT™ is extremely affordable, complete visibility into an insurer’s book of business is now possible, which allows for maximum surcharge and correct tiering. Carriers also use our data to prompt full disclosure of recent violations at time of quote – violations that would not show up on an MVR – allowing carriers to capture up to a full additional year of surcharge.

DocIT™ is cost-effective for the following uses:

Point of Quote

New Business Underwriting

Policy Renewal Evaluation

Periodic Account Review


Drivers History's Data as an Investigative Tool




Claims/Special Investigations


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