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"Evening at Markeim"

Join Drivers History for a night of live art demonstrations, live music, ice sculpting, gourmet food, drinks and a live " Exquisite Corpse" auction. Driver History is a proud sponsor of " Evening at Markeim"

"Experience Art Through Your Senses"  December 7th, 7pm-10pm

"Evening at Markeim"



The History of First Night Haddonfield

December 31st , 2013 will mark Haddonfield, NJ's 16th celebration of First Night and the end of Haddonfield's Tricentennial year, celebrating the 300th anniverary of the settlement of Haddonfield by Elizabeth Haddon in1713. First Night, is an alcohol-free, community celebration of the year, marks the passage from old to new with art, ritual and festivity. Invented in 1976 by Boston artist, there are about 100 official First Night cities in the U.S. - and Camden County is lucky to be home to one of the best! With Haddonfield as its official "First Night" home, Camden County is able to welcome the region and expose its residents and visitors to an entire evening full of artistic venues for nearly the price of a movie ticket. What better opportunity is there for a family to introduce itself to the arts?

Drivers History is proud to be a sponsor of " First Night" in Haddonfield. Below is a link to all the entertainers and dynamic group of performers that night. We look forward to seeing you there.